In this article, the analysis of the works in still life genre created by People`s Artist Davud Kazimov in different years are reflected. Many still life works such as “Lily”, “Melon and fruits”, “East of the still life”, “Roses”, “Still life with chamomile” and “Copper plates” are analyzed and described. It is clear that the still life genre is at the forefront of Davud Kazimov's productive work. It seems to us that he is probably the only artist who has ever been more and more glorified in our natural resources in Azerbaijani painting. The fact that he has fifteen different figures of different sizes in the Azerbaijan National Museum of Art is also an indication of this. Works of the Still Life genre are distinguished by their colorfulness and rich color spectrums in the context of special realism. He solved the color and beauty of various flowers and flowers with delicate colors. For example, David Kazimov's "Still Life with Copper Bottles" (1991), "Still Life with Coffee" (1989), "Flowers" (1997), "White Rose" (1991.), "Autumn Rose" (1990), "Apple and Pomegranate" (1980.), "Rose" (1980), "Lily", "Flowers" (1994), "Orange" (1986.), "White Lilac" (1990), "Eastern Life" (1980), "Chrysanthemums" (1997.), "Carnation" (1989.), "Still Life with Chamomile", "With Orange", "Copper Bottles" (1966.), "Fruits" (1988). He discovered the abundance of native soil, the beautiful colors of the sun, the fruits, flowers, and various things in the still life with the “Purple” (1990.) and "Pion" fruits. Davud Kazimov's biography is a visual tool for understanding, seeing and knowing the versatility and versatility of the world. They are also a means of raising human and artistic perfection. This perfection is probably justified by the artist's creative endeavors. Although there are differences in composition and color between the works of David Kazimov, they all combine with the concept of universalism.


Painting, Color, Still Life, Art Work, Object.

Author : Tahir ÇELİKBAĞ - Bəxtiyar YUSUFOV
Number of pages: 546-554
Full text:
Kesit Akademi
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