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Today, in our running and racing, our Arab societies have become in tune with the rhythm of accelerated life. And the subject of using the local language in the means of social communication, has become a matter that must be resolved, so as not to prevail in the vernacular place of the classical, and lose the prestige of the Arabic language. As communication is one of the facets of human activity and plays a large role in the life of every individual, he has to choose his own language and devote his vocabulary to the integrity of the language, its sounds, its vocabulary and its structures. This is in maintaining language levels Audio Level: is the language side of the operative. For example, the words: "He said, rise, measure, lead" all agree in two voices, and differ in one voice, which is changed from "L" to "M" to This variable is known as "phoneme" and is defined as the smallest unit of sound that has an effect in significance, that is, if it replaces another, in the same vocal context, to change the signification, The meaning differed Literary level: The morphological lesson deals with the structure represented by the formulas, sections and vocal elements, which lead to morphological meanings, without being subjected to grammatical issues. The term "morphology" is defined by modernists and begins with the sounds, then the structure, then the grammatical structure. Because the expression is based only on the data of the exchange, the old grammarians, who paved the doors of the study, talk about the word and its sections, and the conditions of morphology, which is not true of this or that expression Grammar: The structure of the language is not only to formulate the vocabulary according to the rules of morphology, but also to the specific functions, the grammatical functions, which have the words, certain grades, but the rank also can be wasted, if there is another indication of meaning then "If there is another sign of meaning, the act of giving and delaying, towards eating Yahya the pear, is for you to offer, and to delay how you wish The semantic level: the previous three levels of voices and distraction and about, must be carrying the meaning of any "significance" and the issue of significance of the oldest civilizations occupied by issues in the old, and the semantic research is the focus of modern linguistics, contributed to the study of philosophers, Linguists, Balagians, Arab and other Arab scholars. The Gulf region is a region full of dialects that affect the media language in one way or another, although I do not mean in the media language, news bulletins only, but every language that is available to spread, whether this spread, through social media, or from Through the media, from scientific and educational materials, as well as language of dealing, in cultural circles Sulaiman bin Nasir al-Darsouni, dialects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to five sections on top of the dialects of the east and center of the island, the tone of the Hijaz, the tone of Tihama, and the dialect of the present Hijaz "Mecca and Medina, Jeddah and Taif" and then the tone of Juhayna. Some of the dialects of the people are found in the following words: "Musam, Siti, my mind told me, and I mean by land", meaning "straight away, my grandmother, I decided to .., get out." , "And means" go, now, look at him, hit him hard. "

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