Author : Kayhan ATİK
Number of pages : 23-29


Abstract In order to ensure the continuation of the Turkish states as well as the eastern states, statesmen and intellectuals have written works in order to give advice and help to advise the vizier and other statesmen, first of all, how the state administration should be. While the ones offered to the rulers in general are called Nasihatü’- Selâtin, Nesayihu'l- Mülk; The works presented to the viziers were named Düsturu'l- Vüzera, Nasihatü'l- Vüzera, Asafnâme. In the political statements, the necessity of the monarch and the necessary qualifications for the monarch are dealt with. Accordingly, the sultan is needed to restore order in society, and he is the caliph of God on earth. The monarch should choose fair, promising, consultative, religious, competent and honest people. Then the vizier and other statesmen are addressed and its characteristics are emphasized. The vizier must have taken the necessary precautions to be smart and successful in his post, so he must manage the state very well. In the Ottoman State, it started from the end of the 16th century when the deterioration in the state administration began, and continued until the 19th century. Lütfi Pasha, "Asafname"; Mustafa Âli from Gallipoli, "Copy" -Selatin "; Mr. Koçi, "Risale-i Koçi Bey"; Deftardar Sarı Mehmet Pasha, Nesayıhu’l-Vüzera ve’l-Ümera ”; Some works such as Süleyman Penah Efendi and “Penah Efendi Magazine” are some of them. In this study, we will try to introduce the work named "Düsturül-Vüzera" by Pertevi Ali Efendi.


Keywords: Siyasetnameler(Politics), Pertevi Ali Efendi, Düstûru’l- Vüzera.

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