While the texts are subject to review and criticism, the text must be evaluated in its own nature. This evaluation leads us directly to the structure which is the formation scheme of the texts. Texts are like puzzles built with their own structures. When decoding this puzzle, first of all the good structure of the text should be analyzed carefully, the functioning of the author's content should be carefully observed. The critic will be successful as long as he can solve this puzzle. Each text can have different characteristics in terms of structure and content characteristics. It is necessary to analyze the harmony and harmony of the language, style and text structures used within the structure. When determining this, it is important to take into account the formal and semantic features that the purpose of writing the text to the text. They should approach the text in this context. Text structures in a literary work form the basis of literary work. The writer gives the reader the message, emotion and idea that he wants to use. When criticizing a literary text, the importance of text structures should be taken into account. new product is created by filtering. Here we can give the name of the text of criticism in this study. In this study, the importance of review and criticism of the text structures were mentioned. In this course, it is tried to explain the concepts such as analyzing, analyzing and criticizing a text. The basic elements and point of view which should be considered while trying to analyze and criticize a literary work are tried to be explained.


Text structures, review, review

Author : Yavuz Selim BAYBURTLU
Number of pages: 183-193
Full text:
Kesit Akademi
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