Nedim, as a poet of the Tulip Period, reflected his period’s characteristics and mentality to his art. Nedim lived in the 18. Century and was the great representative of the Localism movement in our literature. In short, “Localism” means, to use local elements, the antiquities, and folkloric sayings, idioms and proverbs in literature, and Nedim took this to the highest level. The poetry of Nedim, is the projection of what he lives, sees and feels, in text. Because, in his poetry, he masterly used the natural beauties, spaces, architectural works, the city’s vibrant and colourful social life, traditions and characteristics of local language, of his city, that is Istanbul in the Tulip Period. He added the Istanbul tongue’s fineness and simplicity to Classic Turkish and used slang, some idioms and proverbs, he formed a phrase suitable to the taste of the Tulip Period. Nedim is a great poet, and he proved this by not just continuing with the Divan Poetry tradition, but at the same time, he expanded “the Localism”, as much as with his language and expressions, also with the local life scenes, traditions, love theme, song and verse form. The main aim of this work, retains the elements of “the Localism” in Nedim’s Divan. In this context Muhsin Macit’s Nedim’s Divan is scanned and the elements of Localism designated and examined. And, while scanning Nedim’s Divan, many examples of “Localism” has been retained. In this study, no doubt it’s not possible to show all these examples. Therefore, selected among the poems in question, and the topic evaluated as ground line. The topic has narrowed down to examples of typical data; also it is separated by subheading and examined, according to the prominence “the Localism”.


Nedim, Localism, Istanbul, Tulip Period, Folkloric Sayings.

Author : Hüseyin EZİLMEZ
Number of pages: 272-294
Full text:
Kesit Akademi
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