Research Title: “ Unemployment and its impact on youth people in Algerian society” ) field study in Oran(.
باحثة دائمة(مركز الكراسك) / طالبة دكتوراه(جامعة وهران2): هند بوعقادة عنوان البحث: "البطالة وتأثيراتها على الشباب في المجتمع الجزائري " (دراسة ميدانية بمدينة وهران )

Author : Hind BOUAGADA
Number of pages : 321-327


Unemployment is one of the most important problems faced by society and individuals, because it has repercussions on various levels (psychological, social, economic ...). In this paper, we seek to explore the effects of this situation on youth by presenting the results of a field study, conducted with life story interviews, with a group of unemployed youth. The most important conclusion of this study is that unemployment is devastating and has a negative impact on the psychological health of youth people and their relationship with their social environment. They make youth people in a situation of marginalization and exclusion, loss of status and social identity, frustration, lack of self-esteem, The sense of loss and deadlock This situation also makes some youth people tend to certain behaviors in order to escape from this reality and to prove themselves in a different way takes a variety of forms such as planning for migration, drug abuse, and attempts to commit suicide. Unemployment is generally negative and makes the pension of youth people living in it difficult and has many problems. It is therefore important to take care of this group of society and it is necessary to provide psychological and social follow-up to them in order to help them adapt to this situation and enable them to overcome them.


unemployment- work- youth- psychological health- psychological experience.


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