From past to present all societies adopted very important the concept of family by means of the foundation of society and the natural habitat and the first environment of individuals.Old or new in whole society the source of family is based on a woman and man that join their lives with the bond of marriage. In a globalizing world, marriage is not only affected by the diversity of the country. the marriage takes place between different cultures in the world. The marriage of men and women from different cultures and religions is increasing by means of The proliferation of transportation and communication facilities and transnational migration. In this study, with examining eight male participants' views on family life and marriage who living in Bucharest and married Romanian women, intended to draw a sociological portrait of their families. The general demographic characteristics and views about marriage and family life of Turkish man were tried to be determined. Case study design which is one of the qualitative research methods was used. The purposive sampling technique was used in this study. As data collection tool, structured interview form was applied to working group. In analysis of study on the categorization process, computer-aided qualitative data analysis software NVivo 10 was used. For the purpose of the research, ideas about the most important factor in choosing spouses of participants, thoughts about importance of marriage, the most important problems they live with their spouses, acceptance of foreign brides in family, foreign brides' desires for learning Turkish culture were identified. The obtained data was interpreted by content analysis.


Marriage, Acculturation, Immigration, Foreign Bride

Author : Onur YERLİKAYA ŞAŞMAZ - Yelda SEVİM - Nergis Nazlı SİREK
Number of pages: 6072
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Kesit Akademi
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