1. The Journal of Kesit Academy began publication in 2015.

2. The Journal of Kesit Academy is an international indexed-peer-reviewed journal in which academic, scientific, and research-based articles are published.

3. Apart from special numbers, The Journal of Kesit Academy regularly issues during the Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall periods.

4. The Journal of Kesit Academy is published in "Social Sciences, Psychological Sciences, Economics and Business, Education Sciences, Social sciences, Right, Political science, Social and economic geography, Mass media and mass communications, Other social sciences, Humanities, History and Archaeology, Linguistics and literary studies, Philosophy, ethics, religious studies, Art History, Other humanities".

5. English, German, English, Russian, Turkish, and French are the language of the articles.

6. The Journal of Kesit Academy scanned by SOBİAD, AcademicKeys, Scientific Indexing Services, Eurasian Scientific Journal Index (ESJI), Directory of Research Journals Indexing (DRJI), Information Matrix fort he Analysis of Journals (MIAR), Systematic Impact Factor, Sparc Institute of Technical Research, International Innovative Journal Impact Factor (IIJIF), Türk Eğitim İndeksi (TEİ), Research Bible, Cosmos Impact Factor ve I2OR...

7. The Journal of Kesit Academy is an open-access journal that adopts the international COPE and BOAI criteria.

8. All of the works to be published in the journal must be original articles, theoretical or practical, related to the field of social and humanities sciences and not previously published anywhere. Additionally, each issue includes compilation, translation, and book launch.


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