Aim, Focus and Scope


1. The Journal of Kesit Academy is an international, peer-reviewed and indexed journal. The journal aims to publish research in the field of Social Sciences and provide services to scientists.

2. The Journal of Kesit Academy is an open-access journal that can be accessed easily and free of charge by readers.

3. In The Journal of Kesit Academy, each article uploaded to the system is carefully checked and forwarded to expert referees in the field. This process is carried out with a large Privacy Policy. The Journal of Kesit Academy is based on the process of double-sided blind refereeing. The articles completed by the arbitration process are taken in order of publication according to the dates of arrival.

4. The main objective of The Journal of Kesit Academy is to become a widely cited Journal in the field of social sciences and humanities.

Focus and scope
The Journal of Kesit Academy aims to serve as a publishing platform for scientists and researchers inSocial Sciences, Psychological Sciences, Economics and Business, Education Sciences, Social sciences, Right, Political science, Social and economic geography, Mass media and mass communications, Other social sciences, Humanities, History and Archaeology, Linguistics and literary studies, Philosophy, ethics, religious studies, Art History, Other humanities. 

Creative Commons License
The Journal of Kesit Academy is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.