Author Guide

Go to . Click the "Register" section, fill in the requested information and then click the "Save" button. After your membership is approved by the editor, click “Sign in” at You will be included in your own system within the journal by writing your e-mail and password.

After logging in to the system, click the "Go to Author Home Page" section from the menu on the left and click "Send New Article" from the drop-down menu, click the "Click to browse" section and attach the word document from your computer.

When the process of your article reaches the review stage and a report is sent from your referees, an e-mail / sms will be sent to the e-mail you use and your mobile phone. Re-enter the system and click on "Details" on the right side of your article from the "Articles in process" section, click on the "Review report" statements, scroll down the page, examine the report, -if there is one- click on the "File Uploaded by the Referee" at the bottom and download it to your computer. After making the necessary corrections on the word document of your work, enter the system again and add the file you corrected by clicking on the "Process" menu at the far right of your article title from the "Articles in Process" section and then click "Upload Edited Article".

Make your correction after all referee reports have arrived and add them to the system.