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To know the unknown, which can be taken in a historical period equivalent to human history and be aware of what will happen in the future, about the nature and demands of the unseen knowledge and therefore of dreams updates, the timeliness with these qualities, has continued until today with varying shapes and applications. In matters related to human self-recognition can be interrogated and the future, this kind which can be considered as a series of signs, which contain elements besides faith is worthy of attention with cultural content. In this sense, throughout the ages, the nature and content of matters in being a dream and dream interpretation denominator common to humanity that has lost none of its mysterious stance, cultural or to observe religious grounds difference, search is far ahead of other unseen species. The flight of birds to another embodiment, the sheep scapula, the movement of the stars, so the holy books of various viewpoints with comments removal action is partial or specific cultural circle to members of demand while for the future, is universal to include all humanity and all faith groups to range to dream of working in our dreams tabirnâme be in a unique position and value counterparts to do with the quality it provides in terms of practical use of the common tabirnâme-i huruf will be presented through the example of writing into a tabirnâme up.


Dreams, expression, culture, beliefs, future

Yazar: Yusuf Ziya SÜMBÜLLÜ -
Sayfa Sayısı: 1-11
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