Author : Aboubacar MOHAMADOU
Number of pages : 274-303


Arabic poetry is one of the oldest Arab arts in the history of Arabic literature from ancient times to the present day. The poetry loan and its regulation was not confined to the people of the Arab regions only, but also passed it to the countries and regions that Islam entered when it arrived, such as the West of the African continent in which you established Islamic Mamluks and empires where Arabic became the official language of administration Intellectuals speak it. When the African Muslim stood on the Arab Islamic culture and Arabic writing, he was influenced by it, so I mastered it. He read the poets of the Arab poets, and soon after that, he loaned poems and set up systems in the Arabic language. He read the poems of the Arabs, and soon after that, he started saying poetic verse and writing the poems in Arabic. From this standpoint, this research seeks to shed light on Arab financial poetry, in particular, to identify its characteristics, distinctive features, motives, and objectives, while identifying the topics and issues that this poetry addresses. It also seeks to establish the presence of poets in the Republic of Mali with African roots and roots, born and raised inside and outside the African continent. The researcher found through his study of Malian Arabic poetry that Arabic poetry in the region is predominantly religious and that the language of poetry in its various purposes is characterized by the quality and roughness of the words at times, and educational poetry is characterized by the ease that the public understands.


Mali, poetry, Arabic, literature, West Africa.

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