For the purposes of postgraduate studies which types of literacy in Turkey's theses research study done by various categories it is to make an assessment of the situation. For this purpose, the thesis center of the Higher Education Institution was searched and 463 theses were examined. Theses about literacy from the past to the present are analyzed by content analysis, thesis type, year, institute, university, advisor title, thesis language, subject, research method, research design, sample group, sampling method, data collection tool, data analysis method categories has been examined. The data obtained according to these categories were interpreted using percentage and frequency. According to the findings of the research, the highest number of publications is at the graduate level and the most published years are between 2015-2019. It was found that theses were mostly realized in public universities and educational sciences and social sciences institutes. In addition, the thesis advisors are mostly Professor and PhD. It has been observed that Turkish publications are high and concentrated on education, training and business (economics). In the theses examined, it is concluded that quantitative and mixed research methods are preferred, and quantitative research methods, content analysis and qualitative research methods are used as research design and action research is the forefront. The sample group of the research was selected by simple / random method and university and secondary school students were preferred as the sample, the sample size was concentrated between 1-50 and 201 and above, the likert type surveys and achievement tests were used as data collection method and more SPSS in data analysis method program is used.


Literacy, graduate, doctorate, content analysis.

Number of pages: 109-120
Full text:
Kesit Akademi
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