Today, the issue of decision making in multi-criteria structures is of great importan-ce. University selection in particular is a comprehensive example with many criteria included in this topic. The preference period that students face after they take the university exam is a period in which anxiety levels and stress levels are high. This process requires a thorough investigation of many existing criteria, including not only the students but also their families and advisors. Throughout the country; " how good is the quality of education already in progress, is the education provided sufficient, is the curriculum up to date?"such questions preoccupy the heads of pa-rents, students and faculty members. This study aimed to produce a result by taking into account the criteria that the students are looking for during the process of ma-king decisions in the current education system and evaluating which of these crite-ria they prefer first. Within the scope of this aim, the most preferred state and foun-dation universities were considered and the social and sports activities they provi-ded to the students, the suggestions of family and friends, department and job op-portunities, the prestige of the University members, the reputation of the University were evaluated. 100 people participated in the research, according to the selected cir-teria from Andriani Kusumawati's study called Understanding Student Choice Cri-teria for Selecting an Indonesian Public University: a Conjoint Analysis Approach. This research has a guiding nature in determining the University's position in the selection order of factors such as having good faculty members and having laborato-ries for students to use.


University Preference, Conjoint Analysis, Conjoint Analysis Based On Criteria

Author : Mehmet Can HANAYLI - Özel SEBETCİ
Number of pages: 266-280
Full text:
Kesit Akademi
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