Jehovah's witnesses are one of the most influential missionary organizations in the world. The concept of Jehovah is a misused use derived from the word “Yahweh” used for God in the Bible. "You are my witnesses," he says, " Isaiah 43:10. The founder of Jehovah's testimony is Charles Yeni Russel (1852-1916). Russell claimed in 1914 that Christ would establish the kingdom of God. Second president of the movement. F. Rutherford (1869-1942) changed the Russian name to "Jehovah Witnesses". The creed of Jehovah's witnesses is the Bible. Their gods are God Jehova. Unique. Jesus is his son and his representative in the world. The beliefs of the hereafter will continue in the world after death. The witnesses will be saved and the rest will be destroyed. They don't accept anything National. They only accept the sacrament of Baptism and Evharism. Missionary activities in Turkey generally consist of psychological procedures and instructions. In this study, the priority is to introduce the Jehovah Witnesses and inform them about their missionary activities through Antalya as a city.


Jehovah Witnesses, Missionary, Charles Fresh Russell, Kingdom Of God,Christ

Author : Hatice ACAR
Number of pages: 281-296
Full text:
Kesit Akademi
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