This study covers the ideas of the individual about the modern society, the relations of the modern society with the individual, the effects of the capitalist system on the individual and the society, and the sociological analyzes on these thoughts in the story of the ‘Hunger Artist’. In this study, it is concluded that Kafka's story reveals that people's interests and needs are constantly changing in the capitalist system because, in the story of the ‘Hunger Artist’, it was seen that the interest in this art decreased in a short time. In this work, this art is performed in a circus environment. The last example of this is the circus performances. In 2017, the most famous circus organization in the USA, Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey, closed. The main reason for the closure of this circus company is the change of public understanding of entertainment. Other circus organizations in various countries of the world are expected to close as well. At the end of the study, it was understood that Kafka had the idea that even the tendencies known as personal tastes and tastes in the capitalist system were changing rapidly and could not go beyond being the fashion of the period.


Kafka, Hunger Artist, Social Change, Capitalism.

Author : Abdullah DURAKOĞLU
Number of pages: 41-48
Full text:
Kesit Akademi
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