Zahit has a quite important place like lover, beloved and rival in Classical Turkish Literature and especially have been expressed with a negative perspective by rint-meşrep poets in some poems. In this study, using as hypocrisy indicator of rosary as an element of zahit is subjected in Classical Turkish Literature. The aim of our study is to determine the couplets that are expressed to use the rosary in the context of hypocrisy by zahit character in divan poetry and to make evaluations in this context. In this way, the point of view of the divan poet will be revelead against the zahit who is considered by the rint-meşrep poets as a hypocrite with the rosary in his hand. In this context, more than 100 divans of classical Turkish literature have been examined and couplets have been identified in which rosary is seen as a symbol of hypocrisy. In the same couplet zahit, rosary, hypocrisy etc. couplets containing elements are included to our study. In this study are made determinations and evaluations about zahit type’s possession as a symbol of hypocrisy the rosary and thus abuse the religious feelings of the people in the divan poetry.


Zahit, hypocrisy, rosary, Classical Turkish literature, rint-meşrep.

Author : Mete Bülent DEGER
Number of pages: 261-273
Full text:
Kesit Akademi
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