The phenomenon of social media, which finds more place in daily life, is indispensable in daily life. The use of social media is widespread among people. People make their daily lives and share about themselves through social media. Many individuals can follow others' social media accounts to be aware of developments related to their friends. Many people follow current events on social media and get information about daily life more quickly. There are some disadvantages in addition to easy access to information on social media. The most common of these is information pollution. There are many advertisements and false news on social media. In order to gain more followers to their own pages, many sites advertise and these ads fall on their own pages. Too many ads on the site makes it difficult for the user. Another social media information pollution is false news. In order to attract the attention of the users, they have the subjects that may attract the attention of the people even if they are not related to the news. When users wonder and enter the page, they increase the number of times their pages are viewed and the display values of their pages increase to higher positions. When users read the news, they see that they have no relation to the title. In this study, a questionnaire study was used for artisans and students in Çal district of Denizli. The questionnaires related to the study were analyzed with the help of SPSS program. In this study, 387 people were reached and 95% reliability and validity were achieved. The IBC scale for measuring the information pollution occurred on the internet, “disagree (1)”, “orum disagree (2)”, “ım undecided (3)”,“agree (4)” and “fully agree (5)” likert type is a scale. Since the study questions were intended to identify problems, the scores between 1 and 5 were considered to be the least problematic and 5 were the most problematic. In this study, the reliability of the information on social media and the duration of social media usage were compared. It has been revealed that individuals have a long period of using social media and find it difficult to distinguish information. It has been seen that there is not sufficient level of information about people.


Internet, Media, Information Pollution

Author : Fatma Sinecen - Osman Sinecen
Number of pages: 487-494
Full text:
Kesit Akademi
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