Patrick Süskind‘s The Pigeon: Unusual Banalities Related to Anxiety Disorder

Patrick Süskind, who has gained a worldwide reputation with his novel Perfume, is one of the important novelists of German literature. The novelist presents unusual story of protagonist Jonathan Noel whose life has dominant traces of circumstances after Second World War and Nazi era in his novel The Pigeon. In the narration a ‘pigeon’ unexpectedly enters into Jonathan Noel’s monotonous life who believes that one cannot trust another person, and he should keep away from people if he wants to have a peaceful life. In the abovementioned narrative that reflect loneliness, banality and monotonous life, Süskind holds a mirror to the individual’s alienation. The story, starting from an examination of the reasons for the protagonist’s ‘banality obsession’, enables analysis of character’s mind biography. In this study, starting from narrator point of view, Jonathan’s banality obsession is going to be analysed within the frame of state of mind analysis related to anxiety disorder and alienation.


Alienation, Banality Obsession, The Pigeon, Nazi Era.

Author : Şenay KAYĞIN
Number of pages: 304-315
Full text:
Kesit Akademi
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