Molla Nasreddin, the first revolutionary democratic satirical magazine in the history of the Azerbaijani literary press, begins the fight on April 7, 1906 with the shout "I told you, my Muslim brothers." With the publication of this magazine, Mirza Jalil Azerbaijan lay the foundation for a new era in the history of public opinion, literature and the press. Esther exposes the imperialism of national colonialism, despotism of Iran and Turkey, and the bourgeois rule of the bourgeoisie, which exploits even the masses of the people. The bloodthirsty khans, bayes and maadars, the ruling clerics have been the target of the magazine's satire. The magazine, in a language that appeals to Muslims all over the world, sparks a fire in the Middle East in the near future.


Celil, despotic, satirically,public,journal

Author : Şehrabanı ALLAHVERDİYEVA
Number of pages: 173-177
Full text:
Kesit Akademi
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