The period from the beginning of the fifteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century is a period where great poets and writers who used the Chagatai Turkish used by the East Turkestan and Central Asian Turkish states grew up. Ali ޵r Nevāµ is very significant one of them . Nevāµ is a name that marked not only the period he lived in, but also the later centuries. He has an important place in both oral and written literature, so many books have been written about him while he is still alive, and dictionaries were written to understand his works. Some of them are Bedāyi'ül-lugat, Senglāh, Hulāsa-i Abbāsµ, Fazlu'lālh Han Luġati, Et-Tamga-yı Nāsırµ. Apart from these dictionaries, there is another dictionary written for Nevāµ's works. This dictionary is Ferheng-i Türkµ-i Çaġatā-µ be Fārsµ. In this study, the information about its name, author and copies will be given and the main dictionary part of the work and the epilogue part will be examined through examples.


Dictionary, Nedr ῾Alî, Luġat-ı Caġatay

Author : Hüsna KOTAN
Number of pages: 183-193
Full text:
Kesit Akademi
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