It is called kinship between the people who have blood ties between them or a relationship between them through marriage and the relationship between them. Turkish has a rich vocabulary on kinship names. There is a separate naming for each kinship situation in Turkish. In Turkish society, the concepts of family and kinship have been important throughout history, even the concept of family has been considered sacred. The diversity of kinship names has an effect on the value given by Turks as a society to the concepts of family and kinship. Some of the kinship names used throughout the history have been used since the Old Turkish period, and some have been included in the vocabulary of Turkish in later periods. The Scan Dictionary is placed at the center of this study. Scan Dictionary is an important vocabulary work of Turkish prepared from many works that have been given since the 13th century. In the dictionary, 69 vocabulary expressing relatives were examined. The situation of these vocabulary elements in the Old Turkish period, Dîvânü Lugâti’t-Türk and today in the Turkish Dictionary has been revealed. In addition, remarkable kinship names that were created with the possibilities of Turkish among kinship names were emphasized.


Kinship Names, Scanning Dictionary, Vocabulary.

Author : Burak TELLİ
Number of pages: 139-156
Full text:
Kesit Akademi
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